[Brand Me Project] Online Questionnaire Results

Collection of Online Questionnaire Results   The online questionnaire mainly focuses on following aspects: (1) whether I have a positive impression in front of people, (2) the evaluation about Yanyu from others, (3) which contents posted on Yanyu social media platforms and blogs are concerned or favoured by others. I wish the online questionnaire will [...]


Thank You

  Here are some words to appreciate people who have read my blogs, provided suggestions or left some comments under my blog.   I come from China, and I know my English is not as good as some native students. Sometimes, even I try to write a good article, I will still make some mistakes [...]

Email Marketing Implication

Even today, using social media for marketing is regarded as a popular marketing strategy, marketing by email is still be used and explored by the majority of businesses or organizations. Facing the chaos from social media, Email seems a peaceful platform for marketers to reach their target customers.  At this blog, I will discuss following [...]

YouTuber Marketing

When you come back home, you think " I am so tired today", and lie down on the bed. One hand takes some chips, another hand holds the iPad and your eyes are watching YouTube. All right, back to today's topic, YouTube Marketing. According to Cornell University (2017), 60% people prefer watching online video platform [...]